WW 45

The ticking of the clock in the library was the only sound besides students sighing and erasing their papers. We were taking our final exams…the last tests we’d ever take…in high school at least. The day was dragging by so slow…every moment seemed longer than the last. Finally the bell rang for lunch and we all sat around talking about summer plans and passing around each others’ yearbooks. After lunch, the rest of the day flew by in a blur. The last bell of the day rang and just like that…it was all over. The end of high school. I felt so many things at once…happiness, loss, bitterness, excitement. I walked Lauren home and when we got there, she invited some of our friends over. Her parents weren’t home. A few friends quickly turned into almost the whole school. And the party lasted well into the morning hours…we would be graduating later that day but it seemed like no one wanted to go home or sleep. I wanted some alone time with Lauren so I asked her to walk to the beach with me and when we got there, we stood on the docks and watched the sunrise together hand in hand. I didn’t know what the future had in store for us but as long as I had her by my side…I knew I’d be just fine.


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