WW 46

Elliott was our valedictorian that year, which was no surprise…he was a genius. While he gave his amazing speech…I sat among the captivated audience…just thinking to myself. It was finally here. Graduation. Within hours, we would be free. I hated to admit it…but I felt different. I was ready to get out of here and start my new life. And then I felt guilty…because I was leaving Elliott behind. Not until summer was over…but soon. I know that his mom couldn’t afford to send him to the type of college he deserved to go to…but what I couldn’t wrap my mind around is why he never applied for a scholarship himself. Why be happy going to tech school? Why didn’t he want better for himself? How could he just settle? I asked him all these questions after the graduation ceremony was over. He smiled at me and said he had all summer to explain it to me. I laughed and kissed him and took a picture of us with the rest of the class of 04′ in the background.


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