WW 47

The summer flew by…it felt like only seconds had passed but it was fall. On her last day before leaving, we went to the park together and she sat on the swings. She sighed loudly. She was so upset. I knew how torn she felt. She wanted to stay with me to ease the hurt…but her dreams were in the city. And of course I wanted her to follow her dreams. I walked behind her and pushed her. Higher and higher until she finally smiled and said “wheeee!” After that, she was in a much better mood. We walked back to her house and right before we got to her block, she stopped. She looked down at the ground and asked me if she was doing the right thing. I took her by the hands and said “absolutely.” She smiled again and we resumed walking. Her taxi showed up as soon as our feet touched her yard. She ran inside and grabbed her stuff. She came out the door, gave me a kiss on the cheek, told me she loved me, and hesitated for a moment. I grabbed her hand and told her I loved her too…more than anything. She gave me one last smile before slowly pulling her hand out of mine. And then she was gone. Off to the city of dreams…


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