WW 51

Her freshman year of college was almost over by the time I finally got out there to visit her. When I knocked on her door, the look of surprise on Lauren’s face was almost worth the waiting. She gave me a fierce hug and when she pulled back, I put my hand on her shoulder and told her how much I missed her. It’d been nearly 8 months but it felt like an eternity. She told me that she was taking me sightseeing and off we went. Every little thing that meant something to her, she showed me. I could understand the appeal and why she loved the city so much but I didn’t think it’d ever feel like home to me. That night we went to a fancy restaurant for dinner and dancing at fusion lounge. When we finally were so tired we couldn’t stand, we went back to her apartment and crammed ourselves into her tiny twin bed. I remember thinking to myself that things were changing again…I still loved her more than anything but something was different. I just didn’t know what it was. Before she fell asleep that night, she told me that she wished I could stay forever…the truth was I couldn’t wait to get back home.


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