WW 52

When I woke up the next morning, Elliott was gone. He left a note on my nightstand saying that his flight home was early and he didn’t want to wake me. I tried to call him and text him but got no response. I couldn’t believe he didn’t wake me up to say goodbye and who knew when we’d see each other again. I was completely bummed out. Eliza must’ve sensed my sadness because she tried to lighten the mood by telling me Dr. Who jokes and when that didn’t work, she smacked me in the face with a pillow. Yep, that did the trick. After winning the pillow fight, I took her out to eat wings and play some air hockey. She told me all about growing up in Twinbrook and I told her all about life in Hylewood. Guess you can say we bonded a bit more. I started to feel a bit better despite the ache in my heart for Elliott…I thought to myself that maybe I’d get through the next few years of college unscathed after all. And if not, at least I had a friend to get me through the rough patches.


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