WW 53

After college, I ended up back in my hometown of Hylewood. I’m still not quite sure what made me move back…guess the city finally lost it’s appeal to me. My parents were really happy to see me. I know this sounds bitter but they both got what they wanted in the end…I had a college degree and I was no longer dating Elliott. I had broken up with him at the beginning of my sophomore year and he was devastated. But we hadn’t spoken in months and we were just too far away from each other. We tried to stay friends and we wrote each other letters for a while, then we eventually just lost touch over the years. Of course I don’t blame anyone but myself for that though. Anyways, my brother married Haylie a year ago…it was during exams and I couldn’t make it to the wedding but I would’ve loved to have been there. They looked so happy together. With love, happiness, and marriage on my mind…somehow I ended up at one of Elliott’s secret spots. It was the same place that we watched the stars together for the first time. While I was sitting there by myself just thinking, I felt that familiar ache in my heart. I missed him.


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