WW 55

Not long after getting settled back into my parents’ house, Eliza came for a visit. I showed her around the town I grew up in and we made plans to go to a dance club with my brother and his wife that night. We ordered drinks and I listened while they made jokes about my love life. They were all trying to play matchmaker and convince me to go hangout with random guys on the dance floor. But then I noticed that my ex, Will was one of these prospects…he was kind of a douche in high school but maybe he had matured over the years. After a lot of prodding, I finally gave in and danced with Will. While he was telling me about what he’d been up to for the past 4 years, a guy sitting at the bar caught my eye. He looked so familiar. He turned around and made eye contact with me…I couldn’t believe it…it was Elliott. He looked gorgeous. He smiled and waved me over. I walked away from Will without a second thought. Elliott hugged me and led me to a table so we could catch up. Our lives were very different from what we imagined they would be as teenagers. And I almost choked when he told me he was married…but I guess I shouldn’t have expected for him to wait on me forever. It wasn’t fair. We talked until the club closed. Then we made plans for lunch the next day…


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