WW 56

The next day at breakfast, I told my wife that I was going to take the boat out and not to expect me home anytime soon. She nodded and continued eating. She’d been quiet for the past few days, and I’m sure she’d heard that Lauren was back in town by then. But she didn’t question me…even though the weather was stormy, dark, and wet…not safe for boating. I’m sure she knew that I’d lied to her. I met Lauren in the park for a picnic…we ate quickly hoping to beat the rain. Sitting there on that checkered blanket with her…it brought back memories. It was a little awkward being around her after so many years…but eventually we began talking and it was like we’d never been separated. We made our way to the swings and she told me about how she’d started writing her first book a few years ago and that she was still working on it. I told her that I’d love to read it one day. She smiled. Then we walked down to the beach and as the first raindrop fell from the sky, it landed on Lauren’s cheek…I reached over to wipe it away and she held my hand there for a moment and gazed into my eyes. That’s when I knew that she still loved me…


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