WW 57

Elliott told me that he had a huge surprise for me. He came over to my house with a small wrapped box in his hands. I asked him what it was and he said I’d have to open it to find out. Inside was a key…I was pretty confused. I asked him what it went to and said that I’d have to follow him to find out. He led me to the secluded part of town and stopped in front of a beautiful log home. He turned to me and smiled. He told me that this was the house that he had built for me while I was in college. And that now it was mine to move into or sell or whatever I wanted to do with it. I was in shock…I never could have imagined such an amazing gift. I told him that I wanted to move into it! The next day if I could! I hugged him tightly and told him thank you over and over and over again. And before I realized what was happening…I was kissing him…


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