WW 58

With all these feelings I had for Lauren coming up again…I knew I had to end things with Jessica. And I had to do it soon. I wasn’t the type of man to cheat or lie…and doing both was killing me inside. To be honest, I don’t know how we ended up together. I don’t remember dating her, or moving in with her, or getting married to her. I know I had to have gone through all the motions…but I don’t remember a damn thing. It’s all very blurry. So one night while we were watching tv, I told her everything. I said that I cared about her but I didn’t love her because I was still in love with Lauren. And I told her that I wanted a divorce. She was infuriated. She screamed at me and I thought she was actually going to hit me for a moment. She told me that I had really screwed up this time. And that she’d make me suffer. Then she kicked me out. I went to a nearby hotel and paid for a few weeks in advance. I felt so guilty…but despite all of Jessica’s threats, deep down I felt pretty happy too.


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