WW 60

A few months had passed before I could finally terminate my marriage to Jessica. It was completely silent in our lawyer’s office except for the sound of our pens signing the divorce papers. I could feel her looking at me out of the corner of my eye but I couldn’t meet her gaze. There was nothing else for us to talk about…and nothing she had to say could make me change my mind. I felt like a new man when I walked out of there. I was free. I called Lauren and told her the good news. I could hear the happiness and excitement in her voice. She asked me if I’d finally be able to move in with her now. I laughed and said yes, that was the plan. She told me to go checkout of the hotel I was staying at and to come over right away. I loved it when she got bossy. She was waiting for me by the front door and she kissed me as soon as I walked in. She was standing there in her pajamas and she looked gorgeous…it was a sight I hoped to see everyday for the rest of my life. Ya know, Dorothy had it right…there’s no place like home.


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