WW 62

The months fly by and before we knew it…it was our wedding day. The leftover rain from that day’s thunderstorm still lingered but there was no way I was going to let a little water ruin my day. Everything went on as planned. My mom hugged me and told me how happy she was for me. And my head was completely in the clouds until I checked the time and realized that he was two hours late. I tried calling and got no answer. But I was so sure that he was on his way. So I waited…and waited. Another hour went by. My guests began to get uncomfortable and some of them even made excuses to leave. I’m sure they pitied me or maybe even thought I was stupid. I was worried. But I wasn’t ready to accept it. Elliott wouldn’t hurt me like this…ever. So I continued waiting. And it wasn’t until the sky grew dark and the stars came out that it finally dawned on me…he wasn’t coming. So many feelings overwhelmed me at once. Sadness, anger, despair…and an ocean of tears spilled from my eyes. So much for my happy ending…


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