WW 63

It was a beautiful morning…windy but sunny. The perfect weather for a day on the water and I had plenty of time to kill before my wedding…I knew Lauren wouldn’t mind. So I got all my gear together and headed out to the beach. I stayed close to the shore but decided to go out a bit deeper because I wasn’t catching anything. But the further out I rowed, the darker the sky grew and the choppier the waves became. Finally the bottom fell out of the sky and the rain came pouring down. I knew it was time for me to head back but I stopped when I saw an enormous shadow creep under my boat. Over the sound of the wind howling…I thought I heard laughter. It was strangely familiar to me. It sounded like…”Jess?” I said out loud. Then the ocean opened up and tried to swallow me whole…but I jumped out before those tentacles could wrap themselves around me. I knew I wasn’t any safer in the water though…not with that beast in there with me. My boat was in pieces all around me and I was miles away from shore. I began to panic and then a large wave swept over me and dragged me below. I could feel the crushing weight of the water all around me as I sunk deeper and deeper. The more I struggled to return to the surface, the wearier my body grew. I knew at that moment that my fight was over…the sea had won. The last thing I saw was her smiling face…then it all went black.


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