WW 64

His body was never found…the coast guard stopped searching for him a week after he’d been missing. The unofficial cause of death was that he was lost at sea. Jessica had disappeared around the same time Elliott did…I tried to find her so I could tell her what had happened but there was no trace of her. Almost like she never existed. Two months later, his mother had a gravestone made for him even though it’d be seven years before he could be declared legally dead. We needed a place where we could mourn him. She had a small candlelight ceremony and I was the only one who came to it. We cried and held each other for comfort. She told me that if I ever needed someone to talk to, that she was only a phone call away. (It was the last time I saw her…she moved to another state soon after.) I thanked her and she left. I clutched my growing stomach before sitting on his grave to talk to him. I knew he wasn’t in there but the thought was still comforting. I missed him so much…but thankfully Elliott had left me with one special gift to always remind me of him…


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