WW 66

Three years had passed…not that I remembered any of it. Finally Nerissa came for me and took me back to her lair. She used another spell to turn me back to normal. Well kind of…I still had a damn tail. Now that I could remember everything, the questions started pouring out. Why me? What did she want from me? Did everyone think I was dead? And I begged her to please let me go home…I told her I’d do anything. No reply, she just sneered at me. Suddenly she smiled real big, showing off her fangs. Then she asked me if I wanted to see a really cool magic trick. Uh…I said ok. She performed a spell on herself…one moment she was Nerissa and in the next moment she was Jessica. I was shocked. I felt dizzy and sick to my stomach. This was a nightmare! They were the same person? WTF. Again I asked her why…why did she want to ruin my life? She changed back and said nothing…she just winked at me! Then she let out a loud evil cackle that reminded me of something from a horror movie. I knew that my best chance of survival was to plan my escape and to stay out of her way while doing so. Because clearly she was insane…


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