WW 67

I had a baby girl and I gave her Elliott’s middle name…Lee. She looks like him…except for the blonde hair. She gets that from Elliott’s father, I’ve seen pictures of him but I never had the courtesy of meeting him. Elliott told me that he died in a boating accident a long time ago. It’s kind of ironic now that I think about it. I took Lee to visit Elliott’s grave after she was born. I held her close to me and I told Lee how her daddy would’ve loved to have met her. And now I take her to the graveyard every year on his birthday. He would’ve been 25 today. Sometimes we take cake and ice cream and pretend like he’s there celebrating with us. Lee may not understand everything that’s happening but she knows who Elliott was…to both of us. We keep his memory alive. In the 3 years that have passed, it doesn’t hurt as much to think or talk about him. I still cry…but it’s a little more bearable now.


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