WW 69

It got to the point where I dreaded checking the mail. I was in debt and the bills kept piling up higher and higher. As much as I loved the home Elliott built for us…I couldn’t afford it. But I refused to give it up. My brother offered to help but I couldn’t let him do that. He had his wife and a little girl of his own to take care of. Other than Chris, I really had no one else to turn to for help. I stopped talking to my parents shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Lee. They wanted me to give her up for adoption. They’d been overbearing my whole life…but that was the final straw. After a string of odd jobs here and there, I knew I needed to find something that paid well. So I went to see the owner of an “exclusive” club and was hired on the spot. The hours were decent, the pay was great…and as long as I could go to sleep as soon as my head hit my pillow…I didn’t think about it too much. I didn’t tell anyone what kind of job it was…just that I worked the night shift. My parents would’ve disowned me…if they were speaking to me. And Elliott…I like to think that he would’ve understood but it’s not like I’d ever have to explain it to him.


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  1. I’m going to have to re-read this one day because it was my favorite of yours! I’m just stopping by to say something real quick THIS IS CHAPTER 69 AND SHE’S STRIPPING. SO FITTING. LOL.

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