WW 70

I have to admit, I didn’t think Nerissa had any plans for me other than to live by her side. I was wrong. Of course she wanted more than just companionship. Of course she had an evil plan…she was a witch! I was so stupid to think otherwise. She led me to an underwater cavern…it was a nursery. The one from my dream. Then she told me her sob story… she couldn’t have a child, no matter how many times she tried. My grandfather and my father couldn’t give her what she wanted…so in anger, she fed them both to the sharks. She eyed me carefully and told me that I was her last hope and she’d been waiting so long for me to come willingly to her. Then she ran her hand across my cheek…I jerked away from her and spoke only one word in response to her. NEVER. Her eyes grew large and her face turned red. Then she screamed at me and told me that I no longer had a choice. I laughed and sarcastically told her I’d rather die than screw a damn fish. I meant it though. I think I may have hurt her feelings because she shrank back and turned her face away from me. I knew this conversation wasn’t over between us. But I’d made my mind up. Over my dead body…


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