WW 72

I’ve been keeping my distance from Nerissa ever since she told me about her plans for me. She said that I didn’t have a choice…so that kinda makes me wonder if she’s going to try to do some kind of spell on me when I least expect it. I’ve been watching her very closely…she’s definitely up to something. Everytime I walk past her, she’s reciting some kind of spell and light flashes all around her. I even saw her eyes go blank…she looked dead for a moment. I even got my hopes up and then BAM…it was just another spell. It was kind of scary. The only time she’s not playing with magic is when she’s in bed. How thankful I am that the sea witch actually sleeps…I’ve been sneaking out out night, trying to plan my escape. Seems like there’s some kind of invisible wall all around the island…that simply won’t do. There’s got to be some way off of this stupid friggin’ rock and I’m going to find it…even if it’s the last thing I do.


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