WW 73

It took a few weeks to get used to my routine at work…my only problem is that sometimes I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Oh and I’m super clumsy, I kept my fingers crossed, hoping that I wouldn’t fall on my face while I was stage. But I must have been doing something right, I already have regulars. And to my surprise, one of those regulars turned out to be my ex from high school…Will. I quickly finished my dance hoping I could make it backstage before he recognized me. Well…that didn’t go as planned. He wolf whistled at me and called me out by name, then he stumbled over to me…he was drunk. And I was kinda embarrassed and just wanted to cover myself up as soon as possible. It’s not like he minded the view though…I could see the lust in his eyes. Ugh. But I stood there and listened to him talk…I didn’t want the club owner to see me being rude to a customer. But of course, things got really awkward when he asked for my phone number. I guess he could feel my hesitance because he gave me his instead and told me to call him…if I wanted to. After he left, I finally had some time to think…maybe I should call him? Maybe he’s not as much as a douche as he was when we were teens. Maybe I just don’t want to be alone forever…


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