WW 74

Have you ever found yourself in one of those situations that you know something is off but you disregard it anyways? If you happen to ever come across a sea witch and she offers you a shiny violet apple…don’t eat it…I don’t care how plump and delicious it looks! Just say NO! And you’re probably thinking to yourself…why the hell would you take anything from someone you know wants to do you harm? Because she said it was a peace offering dammit! Of course it was poisoned. After I hit the floor, I couldn’t move. I was awake but my eyes were closed. All I could do was think. And listen. I heard her laughing…she thinks I’m a fool. I think I’ll have to agree with her about that. Then she started coming closer…I heard her footsteps. She ran her fingers through my hair. Ugh. Then she grabbed me by the tail and dragged me across the floor. And up the stairs we go…sure enough my head hits each step on the way up. Pretty sure I saw stars. Can’t go to sleep now though…I have to find out what she’s up to. Can’t…sleep…now……


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