WW 75

Against my better judgement, I called Will and he asked me out on a date. Before I could stop myself, the word “yes” had already escaped my mouth. Oh well, I thought to myself. Maybe a free meal wouldn’t hurt. He took me to a little pub in the next town over and when we got there, he asked me to dance. I really tried to enjoy myself but deep down I knew I would’ve been happier if I’d stayed home. I think eating pizza was the most fun I had all night. So what in the world made me agree to go back to his motel room with him? Loneliness possibly. I knew it was a bad idea when he tried to put the moves on me as soon as we walked in the room. Wow…I guess chivalry really is dead. I told him that I’d made a mistake and I ran out of the room. I made it to the sidewalk outside the hotel and finally the unsettling feeling in my gut started to fade. With no money for a cab, I started the trek back to my house when it began to pour down rain. Guess I have only myself to blame for this one.


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