WW 76

I woke up but I didn’t have control of my body. It was like I was watching myself from above, doing things I’d never do. I had a strong sense of déjà vu wash over me…it felt just like that dream I had while I was married to Jessica. Ahem…I mean Nerissa. As the scene unfolded in front of me, I noticed how happy I looked. And I seemed so in love with her. It was all lies. Another spell of course. There really isn’t anything she wouldn’t do to get what she wanted. A child. What did she plan to do with a child if she had one anyways? Eat it? I doubt she could ever love anything besides herself. I felt nothing but hatred for her. When she pinned me down to the bed, I had to look away. “Just stop!” I screamed to myself. If only I could move my hands so I could wrap them around her throat. She’d pay for this…


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