WW 77

My brother has been coming to see me more. He knows that I’m always really down this time of year. It’s nearing the 4th year of Elliott’s disappearance. I know he worries about me…he’s always been protective of me. If he found out about my new job, he’d flip. He keeps trying to talk me into selling my house and moving in with him and his family. It seems like the smart thing to do. Plus Lee would love seeing her cousin Ann all the time, they adore each other. But it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I can’t just abandon my home…it’s a piece of Elliott. And I’ve been missing him so damn much lately. It still feels like yesterday. At bedtime, I rocked Lee and told her the story about the little mermaid…and it sparked something. I started remembering all the stories Elliott told me when we were kids. Mermaids, sea monsters, and islands in the middle of the ocean. The skeptical side of me refused to believe that there were actually monsters but I did see something the day I took Lee to the beach. An island. I kissed Lee goodnight and walked to my computer thinking…there are no islands nearby, just water. So what exactly did I see out there?


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