WW 80

I’ve developed a pattern…I quietly watch Nerissa while she’s doing magic, then after she goes to bed, I try to replicate the spells that I watched her practice…sometimes I’m at it until the sun comes up. Fight fire with fire, right? At first, I was awful at it. I was breaking things, froze some stuff, burned some stuff, I even turned myself into a toad temporarily. It makes me paranoid that Nerissa will find out what I’m up to. I don’t think she’s noticed anything being moved or gone missing but if she has, she hasn’t let on that she knows. I’m feeling stir crazy from being held captive here…I need my freedom. And I came so close to having it yesterday…I went outside the caves and there was land in the distance. And when I strained to see even further, I could make out a woman in a yellow boat. I waved and yelled but I was just too far away. Feeling defeated, I made my way back to the caves. Then I thought of one of the spells I found in her books…one that gives me a tiny sliver of hope. It could be dangerous…but I’m willing to take that risk.


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