WW 82

A couple days passed and luckily I had no run ins with Nerissa. She stayed out my way and I stayed out of hers. Plus I was a man on a mission and I simply did not have time for her sick games. But I wasn’t so lucky today…I heard her humming to herself in the “nursery” as I was passing by it…I found it odd for her to be in such a good mood. Then I peeked into the room to see what she was doing and I noticed her huge stomach. I could feel the color draining out of my face as realization hit me. But it was just a few weeks ago that…shit. She kept rubbing her hands over her belly and I could see weird shapes forming underneath her hands…almost tentacle like. And she was absolutely glowing…with power. She smiled at me then, almost like she knew what I was thinking and then she said “Yes, our child strengthens my magic.” I sneered at her and told her that it was no child of mine…it was a monster. She shrugged and kept smiling at me as I scrambled as far away from her as I could. Fear was making me feel more productive…I need to finish the spell I’ve been working on as soon as possible. The sooner, the better.


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