WW 83

Over the weekend Eliza moved out of the big city and into the small island of Hylewood. She’s going to be staying with me until she can find a more permanent residence. When I asked what made her move here, she said that she just needed a changed of scenery but I think she was also worried about me. She already had a job lined up here and she got me hired on at the same loan office. We start in a few a days. With both of our incomes, I won’t have to worry about losing my house. I don’t feel quite so alone now that I have a roomie…it’s almost like college all over again. Just less studying and partying. And Lee seems to love Eliza as well…she’s normally shy but not this time around. They’re already becoming best friends. Things are definitely looking up and I think I’m going to be grateful to Eliza forever.


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