WW 84

My potion was a success! Nerissa had finally caught on that I was up to something but by the time she found me…she was too late. I heard her gasp in surprise as I downed the pink liquid…praying that it’d do what the book said it would. And it did. I HAD LEGS AGAIN! Ok so it wasn’t my freedom but it was the next best thing. No more wretched fish tail for me. Nerissa was infuriated. Guess this wasn’t part of her plan. She screamed and cursed at me and the sky outside grew red. Yeah, yeah. Sooo scary. I walked away in search of something to cover my naked body…luckily I found my old clothes from the day she brought me here. She followed me into the room and started waving her hands around. “Well…this can’t be good.” I thought to myself. As her curse slammed into my body…I felt like I had been hit by a train. I ached all over…especially my chest. I couldn’t stop wheezing and coughing. It was like the flu on steroids. Finally I coughed so hard that something came up in my mouth…flies? Not very manly to admit it but I fainted…


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