WW 89

After work tonight, I agreed to meet Eliza for drinks. I figured I needed some girl time and my brother said Lee could spend the night at his house. Plus I’m dying to meet this cute bartender that Eliza has been going on and on about. She met him last weekend. She pointed him out to me once we got there and to my surprise it was Will, my ex. Really? Then she went behind the bar and started talking to him. Seems like they’re already hitting it off. I laughed and shook my head. It’s a small world after all. He bought us drinks and we all danced together. He was really polite and didn’t seem to have any hard feelings towards me. Later on, Eliza asked me what I thought of him. I just shrugged and smiled. He was a jerk when I dated him but I wasn’t that great to him either. What’s one more chance? I told her to go for it. She grinned and ran off…I found them making out on the dance floor. And that was my cue to head home. She’s a big girl…she can make her own decisions and take care of herself. But if he hurts her…I’ll kill him.


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