WW 9

Lauren used to tell me that I was withdrawn and that I didn’t get out and mingle with people enough. I never really thought of it that way though. Didn’t care much for people and it seems they really didn’t care much for me either. But that was fine. I had my books, I had my fishing pole and I had my boat. It’s all I’ve ever really needed. Sure, I had a girlfriend, I had my best friend and there were a few other people who tolerated me but I kept my circle small. I liked being alone. Especially out on the open water where I could just think without being interrupted. And sometimes if I stayed out there long enough and if it was really quiet…I could hear her sing. I’d been hearing her songs since I was a child. She was one of the most mysterious things I’d ever encountered and I was determined to find her. And I did eventually. It felt like I’d traveled to the end of the ocean when I came upon a structure jutting out of the depths. It was almost like a small island…and there she was sitting next to some coral. She was nothing like I imagined as a child…she was fearsome. And fear is what made me turn my boat around and paddle back to shore as fast as I could. And fear is what should’ve made me stay away…


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