WW 90

Nerissa ‘s behavior started to change and I noticed she looked different too…almost human. It was a strange sight. She was actually being nice to me. Warning bells were constantly going off in my head…I knew I’d never be able to trust her, no matter how she treated me. But even though I’m sure she could feel my hatred towards her, she kept coming back to check on me. She would try to make me eat or do whatever she could to make me feel “comfortable.” Guess, she finally realized that I wasn’t getting any better. She seemed genuinely worried about me. She even apologized! Which just pissed me off…because it was her fault that I was sick to begin with. And as bad as I felt, I still found the energy to crawl out of bed and try to get away from her. I didn’t want to hear her bullshit any longer. But she grabbed me by the arm while I was trying to escape the room and then she told me that she could heal me…and then she asked me if I’d let her. I stood there and stared at her without speaking. Of course I wanted to be healed…that wasn’t the question. The question was…what was the catch?


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