WW 91

Out of the blue, my parents invited me over to dinner. I do believe my brother had something to do with it. Our family was already dysfunctional before I cut them out of my life…I’m sure Chris just wanted things to go back to normal. Well, as normal as it gets for us. I was so nervous to see them again. The last thing I told them before we stopped talking was that I hated them…I still feel guilty about that. When I got there, Mom ran over to hug me tightly and she told me that she was so happy I came. And just like that, I forgave them…for their mistakes…and my own. It was a learning experience for all of us. And I wanted them to have the chance to get to know Lee. My dad was rather standoffish towards me and didn’t even move from the couch to greet me. He just nodded his head towards me but kept his eyes on the ground. I guess he needed more time. But at least he seemed to hit it off with Lee really well and he even asked her to call him Papa. And to his satisfaction, she did. The rest of the night went on without a hitch and Mom said she wanted to start having family dinners every Sunday. I smiled and told her that I thought that was a great idea.
“Time spent with family is worth every second.”


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