WW 92

I was literally at death’s door when I finally caved…I decided I wanted to live. I sucked up my pride and begged Nerissa to heal me. She seemed distracted but she told me that she would save my life as long as I gave her something in return. And stupidly, I said yes…I told her I’d give her anything if she would just remove her curse. Her eyes lit up and then she handed me a potion. I quickly downed it and in an instant I was me again. The first thing I did was take a bath and change into fresh clothes. I should’ve been ecstatic but instead it felt like I’d dug myself a grave all over again. I returned to Nerissa’s room and asked her to tell me more about this deal. She said that her payment was my firstborn child for her raise as her own. I gave her a skeptical look and said that I didn’t see that happening anytime soon. But then she told me that I already had a child. I laughed and told her that the abomination growing in her stomach was NOT mine. She cackled and called me foolish. Then she told me that my daughter was nearly four years old. It took a minute to connect all the dots…I had a little girl…with Lauren. The fear that took hold of my body was quickly replaced with anger. Nerissa stood there smiling smugly at me…she thought that she’d won. She was wrong…


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