WW 94

After poring over Nerissa’s spellbooks for hours, I realized that what I needed had been right in front of my face the entire time! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I am a fool. I quietly slipped outdoors with the spell memorized in my head. Standing there on the shore, I mumbled a few silly words while waving my arms around in the air and BAM…her barrier spell that surrounded the island came crashing down. Abracadabra bitch. I was free at last! And I should’ve made my escape at that moment…without thinking twice and without looking back. But I couldn’t. I knew that I’d never be safe if I just left. My family would never be safe. Nerissa had to die. But what exactly could kill a sea witch? An enchanted item maybe. I made my way back inside and searched for Nerissa’s staff…it didn’t take long to find it. Yet another thing left out in plain sight. I’m assuming that was because she thought she had nothing to fear. Hmph. It was very heavy…I almost couldn’t lift it at first but then a strange sort of power began pulsing through my body. I felt invincible…


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