WW 96

I scoured the island, looking everywhere for her. I found her near the entrance of the cavern…she stood there with her arms out at her sides. And the smug look on her face as she peered over at me was basically her way of saying “bring it on.” That was the final straw. I felt a boiling rage come over my body and the strength of the staff in my hands began trickling up and down my arms. I screamed and charged at her while thrusting the staff upwards into her body…she screamed once and then hung there suspended and unmoving. I dropped the staff and she came crashing down on top of it. But she was still alive. She grunted and flopped over…and to my horror, snake like creatures came crawling out of the gash in her gut. Nerissa was cooing at them and trying to pet them while they hissed and slithered around. I then preceded to stomp on them all as hard and fast as I could. Nerissa was screaming “No, my babies!” and reaching out towards them. I kicked her hands away. Eventually, I managed to crush them all except one which slipped away into the sea before it could meet it’s end. Nerissa then curled up into a ball and began to silently weep. I wanted to finish her off right then but I figured she wouldn’t live long with the giant puncture wound from her staff. So I turned on my heel and walked right out of the front entrance with nothing stopping me. I stood outside and breathed in the fresh salt air around me…I was free. I made my way towards the other island where there was a boat for taking. Deep down I almost felt like it was too easy defeating Nerissa…but absolutely nothing was going to stop me from going home.


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