WW 97

After my talk with Melinda, I decided I wouldn’t get any closure unless I went out searching again. For the fantasy island that wasn’t on any map. Sounds crazy right? My brother came over and watched Lee so I could go on my wild goose chase. I didn’t tell him the whole story…just that there was something out there that I needed to find. And I knew better than to get my hopes up. I drove around for hours and eventually passed the little island with the yellow tree that I found the first time I came this way. It grew dark and my search had turned up nothing. I was just about to head back home when I saw a glowing light in the distance. I drove closer to it and saw two islands jutting out of the sea…one of them had a port where a strange looking boat was docked. I didn’t realize how fast I was going until it was too late and I crashed my boat into a rock right next to the port. I got out and examined my boat…it was totaled and my cell phone was wet. How the hell was I going to get back home now? Before I had a chance to contemplate it any further, I heard loud splashing behind me. I turned and strained my eyes to look at the dark water around me…I could see someone swimming away from the larger island and coming straight towards me. I ran into the tower to hide and waited for the person to reach the shore…


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