WW 98

I swam as fast as I could from one island to the next. As I reached the shore, I noticed a recently crashed speedboat pinned in between some rocks. I looked around but didn’t see any survivors so I continued making my way to the dock. “Yes!” I shouted out loud, pumping my fists into the air. This was a victory…I didn’t care how many days I’d have to drift at sea before I saw land. I’d be grateful to be anywhere else…but here. I lost my train of thought when I heard the dock creak behind me…I instantly froze in place. Dammit! I was only about ten feet away from the boat that would take me out of this hell. I had just decided to run for it when I heard a shaky voice call out my name. “Elliott…is that really you?” I knew it was her before I even turned to face her. “Lauren.” I gasped. I ran to her and crushed her into a tight embrace. She had tears running down her face. There was so much that needed to be talked about but the first thing she said was:”If you ever leave me again, I’m going to kill you myself.” I laughed and lifted her up in the air. “That’ll never happen, my love…not in a million years.” Then I took her by the hand and led her to the boat that was taking us home.


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