JW 28


I was so nervous about how the next conversation with Nolan would go. Instead of impatiently waiting around for him to come home, I decided to go out. I needed to vent. I met my sister for lunch and poured out my feelings to her while we ate. She told me that everything would probably be fine and that I was just over-analyzing things…like I always do. “You’re probably right.” I muttered after the waiter came with the check. Blake grinned at me. We were about to leave when I heard an annoyingly familiar laugh. I glanced over my shoulder and there was Alice. A gasp escaped Blake’s lips when she saw her boyfriend, Dante, holding hands with Alice. “What in the world is he doing with her?” She asked through pursed lips. The couple sat down and proceeded to order their food. They looked very comfortable with each other. “Nolan said she was married but they were separated…isn’t Dante married too?” I asked warily. Blake groaned. “Yes. But her? Please don’t let this be true.” Blake said bitterly. “I have a date with him tonight. I’m going to find out.” She declared. I glanced at my watch, Nolan wouldn’t be home for a few more hours. “Want to catch a movie?” I asked. “Sure…beats standing here.” By the time I got home, it was a little after 6pm. I was only a little late. I opened the door and found Nolan cuddling Alice on the couch…


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