LAS 61


It was dark in the lab…the scientists had gone home for the night leaving me alone with my thoughts. I kept picturing my mom’s face from the day before…did she really think that I was lost to her just because I embraced being a mermaid? It was my birthright. I had begun to doze off when I heard a loud splash in the tank…then someone or something grabbed me by the waist and covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream. “Shhh. It’s only me.” Came the sinister voice of my uncle…Finneas. “I’m taking you back where you belong. Do not fight me or you will die.” Once he had me out of the tank, he forced me to drink a potion…promising that it would be better if I slept during our journey. With shaking hands, I gulped it down. I didn’t become aware of my surroundings until much later…after we’d already reached our destination. I could feel the sea all around me…but my eyelids still felt too heavy to open. I was laying on something soft..and I could tell that he was nearby. Then he spoke. “You look just like her.” I felt his hand run down my tail. Then he was gone. My eyes shot open and I jerked upright…now was the time to flee! Or not. “It’s no use, Chelsea.” He said from behind me. “There’s nowhere you can go.”


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