WW 107

My first day of lifeguard duty was a breeze. The area I was assigned to was practically deserted except for an older couple that stopped in for a picnic around noon. But still I didn’t slack off…I surveyed the beach every 20 minutes or so and picked up litter when I had nothing better to do. I knew this wasn’t going to be a super thrilling job …I just didn’t expect it to be so boring either. That evening when my shift was finally over, I changed into my bathing suit and jogged down the beach. I felt like I belonged on the set of Baywatch or something. I went a little further up the coast then eventually took a break on the stairs of a dock leading back to town. I stared out into the sunset and let myself get lost in my thoughts for a while. I could’ve sat there forever but as the sun begin sinking into the water, I started to feel a bit guilty. I was already breaking my dad’s #1 rule about coming straight home after work. I shrugged it off…I really didn’t feel like moving. And some rules are meant to be broken anyways.


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