WW 109

A few days after the incident with Tessa at the beach, she called me and invited me out. I told her that I’d love to but I’d have to ask my parents first. And the only way I could go was if I took Ann with me…my dad’s grand idea. We met at the arcade in town and played a few games of pool. Tessa turned out to be really fun to hang out with…Ann mostly kept to herself. We had just sat down to order margaritas, when in walked Owen Michaels. The star of the college basketball team and the guy of my dreams. Tessa whistled at him as he got closer to the bar but he didn’t acknowledge her. I must admit that I was secretly happy about that. He walked right past us and over to the foosball tables where his friends were waiting for him. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to speak to him…he probably doesn’t even know that I exist though. And what would I say? Ugh. Then again I feel like there really is no point in striking up a conversation with him to begin with, Because to my dismay (and every other girl in college) he’s in a relationship with Christine Katts, the head of the cheerleading squad. Sigh.


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