WW 110

We have dinner at my grandparents’ house once every month. They aren’t easily impressed and can be pretty strict ( I see where Dad gets it from) but I tend to get along with them pretty well. Tonight they told us about their plans to go on a cruise for their 40th anniversary. I clapped and told them how exciting it sounded and I hoped they had a pleasant time. Mom and Ann expressed well wishes too…but a strange look passed over my dad’s face and he asked if they really thought that was a good idea. My grandma choked on her food and quickly changed the subject…but it was too late. Dinner was now very awkward and I knew why. My Aunt Lauren had went missing at sea nearly 20 years ago. It’s something that no one in our family likes to talk about. I’ve always been curious about the mystery that surrounds her disappearance but any questions I ask are met with silence. I guess we all have secrets…the ones we keep and the ones that are kept from us.


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