WW 111

Today I’m organizing the attic like my mom asked me to…and no, it wasn’t by choice. I was kinda ticked off that I got stuck doing chores on such a pretty day. And I had already made plans with Tessa…I felt like such a buzzkill when I called her to cancel. I was busy throwing myself a pity party when I came across some boxes labeled “Lauren.” My curiosity got the best of me and I began opening the boxes one by one. Inside were old pictures, clothes, jewelry, and books. I found some pictures of Lauren as a teenager…she was with a boy I didn’t know but for some reason he felt strangely familiar to me. In the next box there was a newspaper article about a man who went missing a few years before Lauren did. Odd. I wonder how she knew him. Then I noticed a book on the ground behind some of the boxes…it was titled “Lost At Sea” and the author was Lauren Cooper. My aunt? She was a writer? I don’t understand why no one has mentioned that before. But now I wonder what else has my family kept secret…and why?


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