WW 113

After being sucked into Lauren’s book for the past couple of days, I figured I was overdue for a day outdoors. To clear my mind so to say. Of course I still had questions. And theories. But it could wait. It was a hot and sunny day…the hottest day of the year in fact. I took my bike and drove from one side of town to the other. By the time I got home it was evening and I was covered in sweat. With a bubble bath in mind, I walked in the front door and realized my parents were in the living room waiting for me. Ann’s face was red and it seemed like she’d been crying. My dad looked up from his hands in his lap and said “I tried to call you but got no answer. There was an accident. Your grandfather passed away. We need to go to your grandmother’s house…she needs us.” I gasped and felt the shock of his words in my very core. My vision grew hazy and then I realized how close the floor was to my face…


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