WW 114

We picked my grandmother up from the police station later that night and on the way home she told us the whole horrible story:

My grandparents were enjoying a night in when suddenly the security alarm started blaring. Grandpa jumped up and glanced out the window…he was surprised to see someone sneaking around on the porch. Then they began picking the lock to the front door. “Are they daft…all the lights are on in the house? Surely they know we’re home!” he asked my grandmother with ridicule in his voice. About that time, the door swung open but my grandfather blocked the way in with his body. Then he tackled the burglar to the ground. My grandmother rushed outside with her cell phone in hand, already dialing 911. It all happened so fast. Apparently there was a knife…and they struggled with it until it killed my grandfather. The burglar got away right before the police arrived. They called an ambulance to the scene but it was already too late.

I’ll never understand why bad things happen to good people…


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