WW 117

Nearly a week after the funeral, life was slowly getting back to normal. It was Sunday evening and it was beginning to get dark but I couldn’t leave yet…someone was out in the water. I recognized Owen even though he was pretty far out there. I was admiring the view when a large wave rolled in and swept him under. I waited a few minutes to see if he’d surface and when he did, he was face down in the water. I swam to him and I pulled him to shore…then I began performing CPR…seconds felt like hours. I shakily checked his pulse…was he dead? Suddenly he sat upright and began coughing up water. After the initial shock wore off, he thanked me for saving his life. I figured he’d leave then but instead we sat on the beach together…just talking and getting to know each other. Then he glanced at his phone and exclaimed that it was one in the morning. He smiled and told me that he’d had a great time besides the whole almost drowning thing. I laughed and nodded. Then he told me that his friends were having a bonfire party the next night and he’d love it if I’d come. I told him I’d think about it. Then with a wave, he was gone and I was alone with my thoughts again.


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