WW 118

Summer vacation was coming to an end in two weeks, then it was back to college classes. I hadn’t done anything “fun” since the last time I saw Tessa. So I decided to go to Owen’s party after all. Ann went with me…I invited Tessa to come along as well but she’d already made plans. It was kind of awkward when we first got there. No one spoke to us. I made eye contact with Owen but he made no move to come speak to me. It was exactly as it’d always been…I didn’t exist. Ann tried to encourage me to mingle a bit but I just wasn’t feeling it. Lucky for her, she caught the eye of one of Owen’s friends, Paul. They seemed to hit it off rather well. Later that night, they finally brought out the keg and it kicked the party up a notch. With a little bit of liquid courage running through my veins, I walked up to Owen and told him that this was a great party…a bit too loudly. He smiled and pulled me to the side and asked if he’d see me at any of his basketball games when school started back. Right behind him, his girlfriend Christine was shooting daggers out of her eyes at me. I giggled and said yeah, he’d see me there. He nodded and told me he’d see me later and walked off. I went and got another drink. I had a feeling that I was going to be very hungover in the morning…but what the hell. You only live once…


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