WW 119

It was dawn when I finally staggered home from the beach party. This was normally the time I’d wake up in the morning so I could watch the sunrise. Not today. I snuck in my window as quietly as I could and I made sure my fur babies were tucked in before I fell onto my bed. Snuggling deep beneath the covers, I let out a big sigh. Part of me was worried that my parents were going to know something was up when I slept in to noon. The other part was screaming, “screw them, you’re an adult!” Eventually I dozed off. And I dreamt that I was on the beach…working on my tan. Then I heard singing beneath the waves. The voice was calling to me, pulling me towards it. I swam out further than I’d ever swam before. There was an island…with a castle made of coral. It was on fire…I could hear screaming. I could smell the smoke. “Lee, swim! Swim faster!” a man cried urgently. It startled me so bad I woke up. I was crying…and sweating. Ugh…I definitely need to lay off the booze.


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