WW 120

Today I got a call from the mysterious woman I’d met in the graveyard. She told me that her name was Melinda and that she’d love to spend some time with me before she went back home this weekend. I agreed to meet her for coffee. I barely gave her time to sit down before I asked my first question. How were we related? She smiled and told me that she was my grandmother and that we were close when I was a baby. And then she said that my uncle moved me away without a word…not even leaving behind an address she could write to. She said that it was luck that the newspaper in Hylewood ran the obituaries of Dana and Noah Cooper or else she never would have known where I was. “My uncle?” I asked her. “Chris is your uncle. Not your father. Your father was Elliott…my son.” Elliott…the man in the newspaper article. Then it dawned on me. “Was Lauren my mother?” I asked. She nodded her head. My stomach began to knot up…why didn’t I put all this together before now? “I don’t understand why they lied to you. The truth is sad…upsetting even but nothing to keep a secret. Maybe they thought they were protecting you somehow. Just talk to them.” she said. I told her I would. She got up to leave and kissed me on the cheek. Told me to call her anytime. I sat there long after she left. And the longer I sat there, the angrier I became. Oh, I’d talk to them alright…then I’d never speak to them again.


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