WW 121

I stormed through the front door and found them all watching tv in the living room. My “father” stood up and asked me “What’s wrong, Lee? Did something happen?” I guess he could tell I was livid by the expression on my face. “Yep something DID happen. Guess who I talked to today?” I asked him. Before giving him a chance to reply, I yelled, “Melinda! You know, my grandmother? And she told me everything!” A look of shock passed over his face before he said, “You don’t understand. We just wanted to keep you safe.” Then my “mother” piped in and said, “Just calm down and let’s talk about this civilly.” But I didn’t feel calm. I didn’t want to be civil. I was too angry. “Don’t tell me what to do…you’re not my mother!” I said heatedly. She gasped but didn’t speak. Looking back at my uncle, I asked, “And keep me safe from what? From knowing about my real parents? People don’t just disappear. Something happened to them. They would’ve never just abandoned me! Did anyone ever bother looking for them?” I asked. “Of course we did. For over a year. There was never any sign of them. So we decided to do what we thought was best for you…move and start over.” he said reassuringly. Ann appeared to be as angry as I felt. “Not only did you lie to Lee but you lied to me too. How could you do that?” she asked her mom accusingly. I looked back at my uncle again and told him, “You did what was best for you. Not me. You lied to me my whole life. And I hate you for it!” I screamed. I ran to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. I needed to get the hell out of here…I couldn’t even stand to look at them any longer. So I made a phone call to the one person I knew would save me from this place…


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